Years ago, the kingdom of Pei lost the important city of Jingzhou to the kingdom of Yang after the popular and brilliant Commander Ziyu (Deng Chao) lost a duel to the infamously unbeatable Yang Cang (Hu Jun). The cowardly king of Pei (Zheng Kai) is enraged after discovering that Ziyu has challenged Yang Cang to a rematch without authorization, demoting Ziyu to commoner status despite the objection of military officials. The king offers to marry his beloved sister Qingping (Guan Xiaotong) to Yang Cang's son Yang Ping (Leo Wu) to sue for peace. Yang Cang returns an insulting counteroffer to make Qingping a concubine, which the king accepts to the disgust of Qingping and General Tian (Wang Qianyuan), who openly supports Ziyu and whom the King also demotes.

MPAA Rating:NR
Genre:Action, Drama, War
Country:China, Hong Kong
Directed By:Yimou Zhang
Written By:Yimou Zhang, Wei Li
Cast:Xiaotong Guan, Chao Deng, Ryan Zheng, Jun Hu, Li Sun, Bai Feng, Jingchun Wang, Lei Wu, Qianyuan Wang
In Theaters:May 03, 2019
Runtime:1 hour 56 minutes
Production:Perfect Village Entertainment, LeVision Pictures, Shanghai Tencent Pictures Culture Media, Bona Film Group , Tencent Pictures, Tianjin Maoyan Weying Media, Bodi Media Company
Box Office:$521,396
Available On:Itunes, Vudu
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