Doc Brown Saves The World is the closest fans will ever get to Back To The Future 4. This short finds Doc preventing a nuclear disaster in 2045.
The Back To The Future trilogy is an iconic part of 80's science fiction, but not everything about the movies has managed to stay timeless.
Back to the Future 4 is still on the minds of many fans but will the sequel ever happen? Here's an update based on the cast and crew.
Christopher Lloyd discuss which issue a fourth Back to the Future movie should address.
A new exhibition at Bottleneck Gallery highlights the work of Steven Spielberg and Amblin Entertainment, and the art is pretty extraordinary. The “Amblineseque” exhibition showcases work by artists Matt Ferguson and Matthew “Florey” Rowan celebrating films like Back to the Future, Raiders of the Lost Ark, E.T., and Jaws with a variety of prints that will make you want to empty your bank account. The collaborative exhibition comes courtesy of Vice Press and Bottleneck Gallery and will be opening at Bottleneck Gallery in New York on June 14th. The show will run through July 10th. The event is fully …
The three Back to the Future movies are easily the best-known time travel stories ever told. Audiences won’t be forgetting Avengers: Endgame any time soon, but Back to the Future will always be the movie that made audiences across the world believe in time travel and root for a protagonist who just wanted to set the timeline straight and ensure that he would be born.
The story behind the creation of Back to the Future happened by accident. While on a promotional tour for the film Used Cars, Bob Gale, who would become one of Back to the Future's writers and producers, made a stop in his hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. He decided to visit his parent's old home and for some reason, wound up flipping through his father's old yearbooks.
This feature is loaded with spoilers for Happy Death Day 2U, so stop reading now if you haven’t yet seen the sequel.

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