Fátima is an upcoming 2020 faith-based drama film directed by Marco Pontecorvo. It stars Joaquim de Almeida, Goran Visnjic, Harvey Keitel, Sônia Braga, Stephanie Gil and Lúcia Moniz.

The film tells the story of a 10-year-old shepherd, Lúcia dos Santos, and her two young cousins, Francisco and Jacinta Marto, who report seeing visions of the Virgin Mary in Fátima, Portugal, circa 1917. Their revelations inspire believers but anger officials of both the Church and the secular government, who try to force them to recant their story. As word of their prophecy spreads, tens of thousands of religious pilgrims flock to the site to witness what became known as the Miracle of the Sun.

MPAA Rating:PG-13
Country:United States, Portugal
Produced By:Frida Torresblanco, Natasha Howes, James T. Volk, Marco Valerio Pugini, Richard I. Lyles, David Fischer, Rose Ganguzza
Directed By:Marco Pontecorvo
Written By:Barbara Nicolosi, Marco Pontecorvo, Valerio D'Annunzio
Cast:Joana Ribeiro, Alejandra Howard, Lúcia Moniz, Ana Moreira, Joaquim De Almeida, Goran Visnjic, Marco D'Almeida, Jorge Lamelas, Estefanía Gil, Harvey Keitel, Joana Pais De Brito, Filipa Areosa, João Arrais, Alba Baptista, Sonia Braga
In Theaters:Aug 28, 2020
Runtime:1 hour 53 minutes
Production:Origin Entertainment, Rose Pictures, Panorama Films
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