In Harlem, Manhattan, New York City, Annie Bennett lives in foster care with several other girls under the care of Colleen Hannigan, a bitter former singer who spends her days drinking, trying to snag a sweetheart, and giving various grueling chores to the orphans under her care (It’s The Hard Knock Life). Annie spends Fridays waiting outside Domani's restaurant, believing her parents will come for her because a note written on a receipt from Domani's says they will return. When a city inspector checks on Miss Hannigan's treatment of the girls, Annie takes advantage of the situation; she manages to copy her social security number from his clipboard and heads off to get her information. Annie learns that there is no more about her on her record than what she already knows.

MPAA Rating:PG
Genre:Comedy, Drama, Family, Musical
Country:United States
Produced By:Alicia Emmrich, Jeffrey Wetzel, Tyran Smith, Will Smith, James Lassiter, Jay Z, Jada Pinkett Smith, Caleeb Pinkett, Will Gluck, Jay Brown, Celia D. Costas
Directed By:Will Gluck
Written By:Aline Brosh McKenna, Thomas Meehan, Harold Gray, Will Gluck
Cast:Deshane Granger, Taylor Richardson, Andrew Fleming, Savannah McCauley, Jill Nicolini, Gordon Joseph Weiss, Jazmin Kamali, Doris McCarthy, Beth Rowe, Miriam Weisbecker, Brendan Burke, Evie Paller, Stephanie Kurtzuba, Michael J. Fox, Hannah Kurczeski, Ashton Kutcher, Germir Robinson, Jon Necaj, Nora Paller, Danny Guzman, Quvenzhané Wallis, Amanda Troya, Mila Kunis, Brady Bryson, Dylan Bibb, Carson Allsteadt, Mike Birbiglia, James Zeiss, Rihanna, Marc I. Daniels, Zariah Singletary, Eden Duncan-Smith, Cameron Diaz, Brittany Connors, Darren Whitfield, Kyle Julian Graham, Kenneth Kopolovicz, Zoe Margaret Colletti, Bianca C. McCormick, Alan D. Purwin, Chetna Goel, Booch O'Connell, Haley Pine, Joseph Mancini, Tracie Thoms, Aldous Davidson, Eric Paterniani, Hunter Goligoski, Laurie Folkes, Alyssa Ruland, Karah Serine, Courtney Cooper, Chris J. Cullen, Pat Kiernan, Justice Winter, Kevin Cannon, Rachel Crowther, David Zayas, Theo Van Golen, William Henderson White, Richard Bird, Dorian Missick, Nina Rosenthal, Ashley Brooke, Paulina Simkin, Bea Soong, Pernell Walker, Bobby Moynihan, Jared Brito, Madlyn Mondoil, Ray Iannicelli, Michael Carey, Olivia Coronel, Scarlett Benchley, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Jessica Sherr, Leon 'Lee' Fuller, Lannon Killea, Phil Oddo, Gia Henderson, Hannah Green, Angelica S Alvarez, DonnaMarie Recco, Jerome Brooks Jr., Derrick Baskin, Jamie Foxx, Ty Jones, Patricia Clarkson, Allison Jean White, Darryl Reuben Hall, Mario Corry, Solomon Hailemichael, Nicolette Pierini, José Báez, Kayla Ayler-McCormick, Rose Byrne, Ryan DeLuca, Sia, Alexandra Nicole Hulme, Molly Prather, Jalina Mercado, Victor Cruz, Bobby Cannavale, Karen Goeller, Raushanah Simmons, Alexandra Gluck, Jessica Doehle, Danny Flaherty, Nancy Ellen Shore, Angelina Colletti, Clifton Samuels, Tim Falter, Matthew Gooley, Peter Van Wagner, Matthew Rush Sullivan
In Theaters:Dec 19, 2014
Runtime:1 hour 58 minutes
Production:Marcy Media, Olive Bridge Entertainment, Overbrook Entertainment, Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE), Village Roadshow Pictures
Box Office:$85,911,262
Available On:Amazon, Itunes, Vudu
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