If you're tired of the same old religion and find agnosticism/atheism a drag, you might want to give Satanism a spin. And what better way to get your feet wet than by checking out the new Penny Lane documentary, Hail Satan? The 95-minute look at America's latest and most controversial religious movement previously made its premiere at this year's Sundance Film Festival (before also screening at Rotterdam's International Film Festival a few days later), but now people all over the world will get to experience it thanks to the flick's first trailer. This … The post Watch the First Trailer for the ‘Hail Satan?’ Documentary and Prepare to Be Converted appeared first on Collider.
Satanism is on the rise, and that’s okay! As explained by Penny Lane’s new documentary Hail Satan?, modern-day satanists aren’t worshipers of evil but rather civic-minded citizens who want to uphold America’s religious pluralism by trolling evangelical figures who want to push Christian nationalism. Unfortunately, that seems to be all there is to The Satanic Temple and its followers, so while they seem like a nice bunch of folks with a worthwhile mission, they’re not interesting enough to sustain a feature-length documentary. Rather than dive into what makes a religion or how …

Hail Satan?

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