Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie

On the planet Liaria, a wizard named Lerigot is being hunted down by Divatox; an intergalactic space pirate, who is seeking his golden key to traverse an inter-dimensional gateway and enter into matrimony with Maligore, an imprisoned demon who promises her great riches and power. Lerigot escapes Divatox's forces and travels to Earth in search of Zordon and his friend Alpha 5, but arrives in Africa by accident. Weakened by the sun's ultraviolet rays, Lerigot meets a tribe of chimpanzees and wanders off with them. Meanwhile, Divatox heads for Earth in pursuit.

MPAA Rating:PG
Genre:Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Thriller, Sci Fi, Family
Country:Japan, United States
Produced By:Jonathan Tzachor, Haim Saban, Jimmy Kent, Shuki Levy, Tony Oliver
Directed By:David Winning, Shuki Levy
Written By:Haim Saban, Shell Danielson, Shuki Levy
Cast:Jason Narvy, Danny Payte, Derek Stephen Prince, Kahlil G. Sabbagh, Greg Collins, Richard Steven Horvitz, Austin St. John, Nakia Burrise, Jon Simanton, Kai Doi, Paul Schrier, Scott Fisher, Amy Jo Johnson, Richard Genelle, Carla Perez, Donene Kistler, Hilary Shepard, Catherine Sutherland, J.B. Levine, Johnny Yong Bosch, Winston Richard, Barbara Goodson, Gregg Bullock, Jason David Frank, Lex Lang, Hiroshi Maeda, Steve Cardenas, Blake Foster, Michael Deak, Danny Wayne, Edwin Neal
In Theaters:Mar 28, 1997
Runtime:1 hour 39 minutes
Production:Twentieth Century Fox, Saban Entertainment, Toei Company
Box Office:$8,363,899
Available On:Amazon, Itunes, Vudu
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