At an airport in France, an Iranian woman, Marjane 'Marji' Satrapi, looks at the flight schedule; her eyes come to rest at a listing bound for Tehran. She then takes a seat and smokes a cigarette. She reflects on her childhood, full of politically driven conflict. As a young girl, Marji lived in Tehran and wanted to be a prophet and was a great fan of Bruce Lee. At the time, her passion was to participate in a revolution against the Shah of Iran. Her middle-class family participates in all the rallies, though Marji herself is forbidden from attending. One day, Siamak Jari, a friend of the family and the father of Marji's friend Lali, is released from prison. They all listen as he explains the pains from prison, and Marji grows jealous of Lali having a real 'hero' in her family. Read more on Wikipedia.