Sol, a seven-year-old girl, goes to her grandfather's home, where her aunts Nuri and Alejandra are throwing a surprise birthday party for her father. It is probably his last, so in a sense it is also a farewell ceremony. With the onset of dusk, an unfamiliar and unrestrained atmosphere takes over, breaking the family bonds. For Sol, the world is about to change as she learns the essence of letting go and feels the breath of life.

MPAA Rating:NR
Country:Mexico, Denmark, France
Directed By:Lila Aviles
Written By:Lila Aviles
Cast:Juan Francisco Maldonado, Galia Mayer, Alberto Amador, Rodrigo Lamas, Lukas Urquijo López, Abel Sánchez, Iazua Larios, Marisela Villarruel, José Manuel Poncelis, Naíma Sentíes, Georgina Tábora, Marisol Gasé, Alioth Gutiérrez, Pepe Aguilar, Teresa Sánchez, Saori Gurza, Montserrat Marañon, Mateo Garcia
In Theaters:Jan 26, 2024
Runtime:1 hour 35 minutes
Production:Limerencia Films, Laterna, Paloma Productions, Alpha Violet Production
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