Papi Chulo

A solitary and alienated television weatherman "hires" a middle-aged Latino migrant worker to be his friend, in this darkly comedic reflection on class, ethnicity, and companionship in contemporary Los Angeles.

MPAA Rating:R
Genre:Comedy, Drama
Country:Ireland, United Kingdom
Directed By:John Butler
Written By:John Butler
Cast:Martin Morales, Michael Shepperd, Nick Bush, Tom Beyer, Blaine Swen, Irene White, Tommie Earl Jenkins, Brandon Kyle Goodman, Shaughn Buchholz, Caitlin Kimball, Alejandro PatiÑO, Matt Bomer, Elena Campbell-Martinez, Marisa Szczepan, Wendi Mclendon-Covey
In Theaters:Jun 07, 2019
Runtime:1 hour 38 minutes
Production:Treasure Entertainment, Metrol Technology, Head Gear Films
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Papi Chulo

Fans Ratings: 65%
Critics Ratings: 74%

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