Martha Marcy May Marlene

A 22-year-old woman named Martha has been living as a member of a cult in the Catskill Mountains for some time. The leader of the cult, Patrick, granted her the name Marcy May upon her initiation. Eventually, she decides to flee and escapes into the woods, arriving at a nearby town. In a diner restaurant, she is confronted by Watts, a cult member, who attempts to persuade her to return, but when she refuses, he lets her leave. Martha calls her sister Lucy, who picks her up and takes her to the vacation lake house in Connecticut that she shares with her husband, a successful and wealthy architect named Ted.

MPAA Rating:R
Genre:Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Country:United States
Produced By:Brian Zeilinger, Brett Potter, Antonio Campos, Patrick Cunningham, Andrew Corkin, Alexander Schepsman, Ted Hope, Matt Palmieri, Saerom Kim, Chris Maybach, Saemi Kim, Josh Mond, Melody C. Roscher
Directed By:Sean Durkin
Written By:Sean Durkin
Cast:Beth Stephens, Julia Garner, Gregg Burton, Christopher Abbott, Heather Boyd, Michael Chmiel, John Hawkes, Donald E. Benjamin, Louisa Krause, Sarah Paulson, Elizabeth Olsen, Louisa Braden Johnson, Diana Masi, Maria Dizzia, Stacie A. Blaut, Lauren Molina, Heather M. Kayal, Jackson Powell, Carole L. Brookman, Hugh Dancy, Barbara Aragon, Tobias Segal, Brady Corbet, Adam David Thompson, Allen McCullough
In Theaters:Dec 21, 2011
Runtime:1 hour 42 minutes
Production:Fox Searchlight Pictures, Maybach Film Productions, Cunningham & Maybach Films, BorderLine Films
Box Office:$2,990,625
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