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Baby Driver is a brilliant movie starring Ansel Elgort, and with this high-action comedy comes some awesome quotes. We've compiled the best.
As the days go by, it feels more and more likely that Baby Driver 2 might actually happen. Writer/director Edgar Wright’s music-driven action film Baby Driver received positive reviews, enthusiastic audience response, and even three Oscar nominations when it was released in 2017. Bolstered by the $226.9 million worldwide gross of the R-rated film, Sony Pictures asked Wright to think about penning a sequel to the original film, and he obliged. The last update we had on Baby Driver 2 came last summer, when Wright tweeted on the film’s one-year anniversary that Baby …
Ansel Elgort definitely thinks Baby Driver 2 is happening.
Baby Driver star Ansel Elgort reveals he's seen Edgar Wright's script for a sequel, but he doesn't know when the film will happen yet.
Every once in a while in Hollywood, a movie soundtrack transcends the film that it is plucked from and becomes an entity all its own. Pulp Fiction. Goodfellas. Trainspotting. Dazed & Confused. Baby Driver is one of those films. Packed with 30 great...
Baby Driver was yet another fun and inventive film to add to Edgar Wright’s impressive body of work. The film follows a young getaway driver named Baby who uses music to help him pull off his amazing driving skills while evading police.