The Gentlemen

The film follows American expat Mickey Pearson who has created a highly profitable marijuana empire in London. When word gets out that he is looking to cash out his business, it triggers plots, schemes, bribery and blackmail in an attempt to steal his domain out from under him.

MPAA Rating:R
Genre:Action, Crime, Comedy
Country:United States, United Kingdom
Directed By:Guy Ritchie
Written By:Guy Ritchie, Ivan Atkinson, Marn Davies
Cast:Jason Wong, Matthew McConaughey, Simon. R. Barker, Eddie Marsan, Jeremy Strong, Russell Balogh, Steve Barnett, Christopher Evangelou, Charlie Hunnam, Eliot Sumner, Colin Farrell, Henry Golding, Michelle Dockery, Hugh Grant, Brittany Ashworth, Chloe Arrowsmith
In Theaters:Jan 24, 2020
Runtime:1 hour 53 minutes
Production:Miramax, STX Films, Toff Guy Films, CAA Media Finance, Coach Films
Box Office:$36,471,795
Available On:Amazon, Itunes, Netflix, Vudu
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